Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Smart Car Hire. Your vehicle has had a safety check on tyres, lights, brakes and working parts. This vehicle is in good working condition. Please drive carefully and enjoy your little car. Your physical safety is important to us.

PLEASE NOTE: During November – March single day rentals are R600. If you book 2 or more days the daily rental is R349 and R399 for the Coupe and Cabrio respectively.  Online bookings are only confirmed once full payment has been received.

Smoking in the vehicle is forbidden. Failure to comply will result in a fine of R1 000 and the renter will be charged for a deep clean of R750

It is the responsibility of the renter to observe/maintain the roadworthy condition of the vehicle throughout the rental period. Oil, water and tyre pressure to be checked weekly and maintained by the renter.

Should there be any defects/malfunctions that result in an un-roadworthy vehicle, the renter is responsible for reporting to Smart Car Hire via e-mail or sms immediately. Smart Car Hire will not be responsible for accidents/injury that results from the client not observing the vehicle. Smart Car Hire will be responsible to repair/replace any malfunctioning parts. We have a 24/7 mechanical team and roadside assistance available –within the ltd 250km radius. For long term rentals; keep the outside and interior of the vehicle clean by taking the vehicle for a bi-weekly wash. Smart Car Hire offers a carwash service at R100 per wash. Unlimited kilometers are included in the rental price, however if the renter exceeds 20 000km during the rental period, they will be liable to pay for 4 new tyres to the value of R4 000.00


The renter/additional renter(s) confirm that the driver’s license they have presented to Smart Car Hire is a valid driver’s license, obtained legally in South Africa or country abroad that is recognized internationally. During the rental period, the vehicle may not be driven by any other person than the renter or an additional renter whose name is on the contract.


* Public liability cover up to R2 500 000

* R5 000 refundable Deposit to be paid initially with full amount of the rental.

* Smart Car Hire will deposit the R5 000 damage deposit back to the client’s account / credit card within 48 hours after vehicle inspection.

* In the event of damage or theft, Smart Car Hire will retain the deposit until cost of repair has been determined. The repair cost will then be deducted from the R5 000 deposit and the balance deposited back into the clients account or credit card. Should the damage, stolen parts or total loss of the vehicle exceed the R5 000 deposit then the renter / client is liable to pay the full excess amount of R5 000.


The renter shall take collection of the vehicle and return said vehicle at Smart Car Hire office.

Damage to paintwork, interior and rims will be recorded on the contract. Irrespective of the severity of damage to the rims, rims will be charged at a minimum of R600 per rim until final repair costs are determined.

The vehicle is released with a full tank of petrol.

The vehicle will be inspected on return and any new damage will be recorded. If the vehicle is damaged your deposit will be held, the damage to the vehicle will be assessed and a relevant invoice sent to you. Included in this invoice will be the days the vehicle is booked out to the repair center and an admin fee of R300. The fuel level will be inspected on return or collection of vehicle. If fuel tank is not full then client is liable to pay full amount of refueling. Vehicle can be refilled by filling the petrol tank at the filling station. A R200 admin fee will be charged for refueling the vehicle. For every quarter tank, R200 will be charged. This amount will be deducted from the client’s credit card / cash deposit. The remaining money on your deposit will be sent to you within 48 hours.

N.B. If the interior of the Vehicle requires a heavy dirt clean, R750 will be retained from the deposit.

All late returns will be charged at R50/hour up to 24 hours or up to new calendar day, resulting in breach of contract.

All extensions are to be requested in writing, via email to info@smartcarhire.co.za 24 hours before the return date on the contract. Smart Car Hire will grant permission via email. The vehicle shall be returned to Smart Car Hire’s head office, Matrix Building, Cnr Castle & Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa.


If, during the rental period, the vehicle is involved in any accident or collision or is lost or the vehicle or any part of the vehicle is stolen, the renter shall:

1. Notify Smart Car Hire immediately.

2. Obtain the name (s) and addresses of everyone involved and possible witnesses.

3. Not admit any responsibility/liability nor release any party from liability (potential claim) against/by any party nor accept a disclaimer of liability.

4. The renter shall notify the police within 24 hours of the occurrence and get a case number.

5. Complete and furnish the owner with a full report on the accident, all details of the drivers and vehicles involved in the accident.

6. The renter shall fully co-operate with Smart Car Hire and the insurance company contracted by Smart Car Hire.

DEBIT/CREDIT CARD AUTHORISATION: An authorisation order form will be signed for Smart Car Hire to debit an amount if needed in order to cover damages to vehicle, fines, petrol charges and all payments due to Smart Car Hire.


1. All overdue payments will be charged at R30/day.

2. The renter/client is responsible for all fines/traffic offenses and an additional R200?administration fee per fine/traffic offense. Fine amounts will be debited from the renter/clients account by Smart Car Hire.

3. All speeding fines of 20 kilometers or more above the speed limit will be considered as reckless /negligent driving and the renter will be charged an additional fee of R1 000.

4. Smart car hire does not offer free delivery or collection

Vehicle Collection and delivery rates (per trip)

* 0-50km from Cape Town CBD = R 400.00

* 50-100km from Cape Town CBD = R 600.00

* 100-150km from Cape Town CBD = R 800.00

* 150-200km from Cape Town CBD = R 1 000.00

* 200-250km from Cape Town CBD = R 1 200.00

5. The renter may cancel the contract, however, a cancellation fee of 30% of the remaining contract will be charged. No refunds on cancellation for rentals under 7 days.

6. It is forbidden to carry/transport anything on the roof of a smart car. Any offense in this regard will cancel the vehicles insurance cover and will lead to loss of your deposit.

7. Loss and/or damage of key = R2 000

8. The safety if our customers come first thus Smart Car Hire cannot be held liable if a vehicle that was booked in advance and is not available at the time of the rental period due to damage, theft, mechanical problems or any other reason for the vehicle not being available at the time. In the event that no substitute vehicle is available, Smart Car Hire will refund the rental paid.


All Smart Car Hire vehicles are restricted to a 250km radius from the CBD of Cape Town.

Radius violation will result in breach of contract, loss of deposit and any additional expenses incurred in repair or recovery of vehicle.

Unlimited free kilometers within the given radius of 250km.


This document contains the entire agreement between the renter and Smart Car Hire. Neither party shall be bound by undertakings, representations, warranties, promises (other than Smart Car Hire representative extending the agreed return date in writing) not recorded herein and signed by the Smart Car Hire representative.

Neither Smart Car Hire nor any member(s) of Alex Molsen Proprietorship or staff shall be liable for any loss/damage (including property), without limitation, any defect and/or mechanical failure of Smart Car Hire to detect defects/mechanical problems with the vehicle and whether such loss/damage results from breach of contract, which may be suffered by the renter and/or a third party and/or passengers. The renter will be responsible for all legal costs with no limitation, should legal proceedings arise between him and Smart Car Hire. The renter acknowledges that renting an older vehicle poses a greater risk of injury/loss/death